As part of Grand Valley State University's Making Waves initiative, we have commissioned five composers to capture the spirit of Lake Michigan. Twenty minutes east of our campus, Lake Michigan looms large over our community. We harvest from its depths; we ride it's currents; we are mesmerized by its sunsets; we walk its beaches; we are captivated by its storms. It is a beautiful, seemingly endless natural marvel that impacts all of us in west Michigan.
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In the summer of 2020 we commissioned Tony Manfredonia, Elena Specht, Logan Rutledge, Olivia Kieffer, and Nathan Hudson to create works based on their experiences with Lake Michigan. They are a diverse group, just embarking on their careers, but already with many notable accolades and performances of their music around the country.

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We start rehearsing their music in October, and will be presenting the world premieres in the spring. All the composers will be in residence, where they will participate in workshops, coach rehearsals, lead presentations , and explore the shores of the lake. Stay tuned for details on this exciting venture!

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