Works Performed

Jad Abumrad (b.1973)
Counting in C (2009)** (arranged by Adam Cuthbert)
fl/cl/sax/vn/vc/pn/perc plus stereo playback

J. Anthony Allen
Pierrot Variations (2008)**
fl/cl/vn/vc/pf/perc. and electronics

Charles Amirkhanian (1945)
Church Car (1980)
2 speaking voices

Dan Becker

Better Late (2008)
2 bcl

fl/cl/sop. sax/bar. sax/tpt/tbn/vn/db/perc/pn

James Blunt
You're Beautiful (arr. Andrew Russo)
piano and open instrumentation

John Cage
4'33" (1962)
open instrumentation

Robin Cox (b.1966)
Fool's Day (2007)**
fl/cl/vn/vc/pf/2 perc.
Levitation Games
cl/vn/vc/pf/3 perc.
New Year's Harmattan
cl/vn/vc/2 perc.
Three Reasons to Move

Kurt Ellenberger
Gormenghast Overture (2006)**
fl/cl/tpt/vn/vc/pf/2 perc.

Roshanne Etezady (b.1973)
Damaged Goods
About Time
Eleventh Hour

Peter Garland (b.1952)
Apple Blossom (1972)
4 marimbas

Matt Ingalls (b.1970)
Spout (1995)
open instrumentation

Zoe Keating (b.1972)
Zinc (2009)** (arranged by Adam Cuthbert)
fl/cl/sax/vn/vc/pn/perc plus stereo playback

Phil Kline (b.1953)
Premonition (1997)
25 boomboxes

David Lang (b.1957)
Cheating, Lying, Stealing (1995)
bcl/vc/pf/3 perc.
Simple Mix (2009)** (arranged by Bill Ryan)
fl/cl/sax/vn/vc/pn/perc plus stereo playback
Sweet Air (1999)
Wed (1996)
solo piano (w/film)

Marc Mellits (b.1966)
240 Weeks (2007) **
2 flutes, 2 clarinets, violin, cello, piano, 2 percussion
Etude No. 1: Medieval Induction (2006)
solo piano
Mara’s Lullaby (2009)
sop. sax, marimba, pf, SATB choir
Groove Canon (2002)
brass quintet and percussion quintet
Merge Left (1994)
2 flutes, cello
Parking Violation (1999)
solo oboe

Olivier Messiaen (1908-1992)
Oiseaux Exotiques (1955-56)
solo piano and chamber orchestra
Preludes pour piano (1929)
VII. Plainte calme
solo piano
Quartet for the End of Time (1940-41)
mvt. V.
clarinet, cello, piano

Eugene Novotney (b.1960)
Intentions (1983)
2. Proposal
3. tambourines

Street Spirit (Fade Out) (arr. Ed Ruchalski)

Belinda Reynolds
Circles (2009)**
Dust (2002)

Daniel Rhode (b.1988)
Flickering Pixels (2011)**
fl/cl/vn/vc/pn/perc plus electronics and optional video

Terry Riley
In C (1964)
open instrumentation

Bill Ryan (b.1968)
Blurred (2003)
piano and any additional instruments
On the Northern Front
violin, electronics, nine percussionists
Smoke (2010)
alto saxophone plus stereo playback
Static Dance (2008)*
clarinet, marimba, cello

Frederic Rzewski
Attica (1972)
open instrumentation and narrator

Rob Smith (b.1968)
Breaking Point (2008)
solo percussion
Kicking & Screaming (2010)**
10 instruments plus 2 perc, pn

D.J. Sparr (b.1975)
Sound Harmonies with Air (2009)
fl/cl/vn/vc/pn/perc plus electronics

Paul Steinberg (b.1946)
Soliloquy (1974)


Born to be Wild (arr. David Lang)
cello, piano, 2 percussion

Karlheinz Stockhausen (1928-2007)
Tierkreis (1974-75)
open instrumentation

James Tenney (1934-2006)
Having Never Written a Note for Percussion (1971)
open instrumentation

Jacob ter Velduis (b.1951)
Body of Your Dreams (2003)
solo piano/pre-recorded sound

Velvet Underground
All Tomorrow's Parties (arr. Daniel Felsenfeld)
solo piano

* World Premiere
** World Premiere, GVSU commission